Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Another Fishing Page

I love Shimelle Laine's scrapbooking classes. I am currently taking Remix, although I haven't been able to play along to much, I finally made a page using a prompt from the class and created a page for my parents Christmas gift album.  I lifted a page from Shimelle using the quadrant idea. It worked up rather quickly!
Michael is a special member of my family.  He is my children's brother from their father and stepmom.  Our family's have always treated each other as one family.  Michael absolutely loves Jacob his older brother by 10 years.  Michael and I have a special relationship...he once told his teacher that Sharmon was his BFF.  His mother then had to explain to his teacher that his father's ex-wife was Michael's best friend.  Sounds Weird, huh?  but boy was I honored! 
So every year my Parents, Aunts and Cousins plan a Klenk Camp Weekend at a different Michigan State Park.  We want our children (The great grandkids) to be able to know each other because we live all throughout the state.  It is amazing how great the kids play together even though they only see each other once a year!  Now the older children are getting to know each other even better due to being friends on facebook.  Michael loves to come to Klenk Camp even though he is not a "Klenk".  I love that all the cousins treat him as one of the kids!  He looks forward to this each year!  Last January when my ex-husband passed away, (michael's father), my Aunts and Cousins drove very long distances in very bad weather to be there for both my children and Micheal.  That is what Family is all about!  


  1. Such a beautiful story about step families. You don't hear the "good" side often enough. You did a wonderful job with the Simple Stories. The grid background is super!

  2. Fun layout and your family dynamics are heart-warming!